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Dreamhost取消CPU Minute Restriction?

May 31st, 2006 . by zeal


No more CPU minute restrictions!

“Crazy overselling!” What’s that all about? Well, if you like to read,


will explain it all! And see that little “post-script” at the “bottom”?

Well, we’re sick and tired of people being sick and tired of getting disabled for “cpu minute” overages! ESPECIALLY when we don’t even have any real set “cpu minute” levels for plans, or a tab on our web panel where you can track your usage.

So “guess” what?! We’ve changed our “cpu minute” “policy” “for the better!” We no longer HAVE any limits on “cpu minutes”. Maybe it’s just semantics, and maybe it’s just “crazy overselling”, but as long as your site or scripts aren’t causing problems with the server, you are IN THE CLEAR!

Let’s say you’re not IN THE CLEAR though.. don’t worry! We’ll work with you! We’re adding a BUNCH of new servers to help “get” the average load per web server down, and we’ll work with high-load people to get their usage down or their butts onto a new server that can handle it. What a sweet web host.. let no one accuse US of “crazy overselling,” and we won’t accuse THEM.


May 29th, 2006 . by Yang Jing

垃圾留言挺烦人的。WordPress内建反垃圾留言机制看留言中是否含有链接。系统默认当含有2个(或以上)的链接时,留言会被“扣”下来,等管理员认证。一般来说,扣下来的几乎都是Spam,认证完全是多此一举。于是Wordpress系统又默认安装了反垃圾留言插件Akismet;但激活它需要WordPress API key,意思是得有Wordpress.com的账号。


WordPress.com现在可以注册不带Blog的账号。功用在于能够在Wordpress.com blog中留言和激活Akismet,而不需要我们去开空白Blog在那里。意义在于节约使用资源。


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May 15th, 2006 . by zeal

BackupMyBlog – 免费的数据备份服务&用法介绍了一个用于备份基于MySQL的BLOG的网络服务 — BackupMyBlog


建站日志 – WP Plugins – 2

May 8th, 2006 . by Yang Jing


装了Ultimate Tag Warrior,这里有教学一篇。

更改Technorati Ping位置

May 1st, 2006 . by Yang Jing

Technorati Ping更改为http://technorati.com/ping。



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